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Höghus i svart och orange tegel med balkonger

Tenancies and housing

Höghus i svart och orange tegel med balkonger

Welcome to Östergötland and our two student cities! But what is it like to be a student in Linköping or Norrköping? And what can you do in your spare time? Read more what our student cities have to offer, or how to find housing.

Did you know that both Linköping and Norrköping have been named student city of the year?

Every year, Sweden's United Student Unions, SFS, nominate the student city of the year. Linköping received the award in 1999 and 2016/2017, and Norrköping received the award in 2013/2014. The cities that receive the award are cities that excel in their work to create a good study and living environment for students.

Need help finding accomodation?
We have a housing agency where landlords advertise rooms, apartments or other accommodation that they wish to rent to students. The ads are mostly from people who rent out rooms in their private homes, which means that most of them have only one room or one flat for rent. We do not have a queque point system, instead you contact each landlord individually and let them know that you’re intrerested. To register an account is free of charge.