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Sustainable student life

Kårservice is owned by the 3 unions which works to offer student benefits in different contexts constantly works with sustainability work and for us, sustainability is not only about climate and environmental issues, but also about our various party activities, and sustainable partying.
Below you can read more about our various sustainability work.
Union service owned by the 3 unions and which runs Studentlivet.se has a pronounced focus and work going forward, to constantly think about sustainability and make conscious choices that protect the environment and our students and people in our vicinity.
To concretize the work, we have chosen to look at the UN’s 17 Global Goals, and work with Agenda 2030 in our daily operations but also at the strategic level in the management team and among the managers at Kårservice. Read more about our work here!

Sustainable party culture

For Kårservice, the students’ well-being and safety is our priority!
During all events, we and our staff work so that you not only have fun but also so that you can stay until Stad i Ljus.

All union buildings comply with the Alcohol Act and apply responsible alcohol serving at every event. Which means that we are responsible for the condition of all guests. Water stations are used and encouraged while security guards can be seen at nightclubs to make sure all guests feel safe.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Alcohol Act, you can click on this LINK to read more about what it means.

Day managers (at Kårallen, Trappan [hg]) and Serving managers (KK) are the ones responsible for our events. If you have questions or concerns during the event, you can turn to them.

If a guest behaves badly, it can result in the guest being out-escorted for the evening.

If a guest behaves very badly, this can lead to a porting. For more info about portings on how it works and who to turn to, click on this LINK.

Before the reception period, we collaborate at the union houses and the unions with Studenthälsan at LiU so that we all have a clear and overall picture of alcohol consumption and safety. If you as a student feel that you need someone to talk to, they can be very helpful! Info about Student Health can be found here.

Email address for each PC and DC

[hg] – DC dc@hg.se

Kårallen – DC dc@karservice.se

Kårhus Kollektivet – PC pc@karhusetkollektivet.se

Trappan – DC dc@trappan.nu

Örat- DC dc@orat.nu