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Studenter som uppträder på scen i ett band i röda overaller

Student Overalls

The overall, or ovve in Swedish student slang, is one of the most prominent features in the student culture at LiU. All programmes and their sections have a unique overall. Overalls are common at other Swedish universities and even abroad.

Studenter som uppträder på scen i ett band i röda overaller

The overall consists of the overall itself, or in some cases dungarees, and they are embellished with patches (märken). The color combination of the overall is the color of the overall itself and sometimes contrasting stripes (fabric strands along the outer seams of the pants) and that is how you can tell the programmes or sometimes program/course apart. It’s common for both events and associations to sell patches, and the patches on your overall say as much about you as the base color of the overall. 

The overall is a multi-use garment that both showcases your identity and has practical uses – it’s a garment for chilling, for partying or even for painting. Tradition says that you can’t wash your overall without wearing it while you wash it – so maybe a bath with the overall can get it a bit cleaner?

The patches are sold at ticket sales, at events or by your student association. When you’ve been to an event and have formed an opinion of it you can attach the patch on the overall and indicate if you liked the event or not. Placing the patch near the crotch means you liked the event, and placing the patch on the backside indicates that you disliked it. Another important thing to put on the overall is your name, and this is usually put on the right leg.