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Uteservering med träbänkar och statyer


There are three student unions at Linköping University and together with the sections they monitor your education, the work environment and make sure there’s a thriving student social life. The student unions make sure that all decisions made at LiU are influenced by at least one student, and this is an important part of the student democracy at the university. A student union is a NGO who has been tasked with this mission by Linköping University. There is one union for each faculty. 

Uteservering med träbänkar och statyer


The unions are run by a group of students who work full time with these matters. Either they have a break from their studies or they’re just graduated. The unions are democratically run by 25 student representatives in an assembly called the council. The representatives are elected by the members of the student unions. 


The student unions are able to carry out their mission thanks to the members. When you become a member and pay the membership fee you make sure the unions are staffed so they can maintain the student democracy at LiU. As a member of a student union, you get perks such as discounts on entry fees or food at the union houses. 

The student union houses

The unions have also created the union houses – five houses where you can hang out, study, eat, go to parties or participate in other kinds of events. If you’re a student union member, it means that you own the union houses and therefore you receive a member discount. The union houses are run in the form of a company, and the company is called Kårservice AB. 

Which union do you belong to?

Do you study at the faculty of science ang engineering? LinTek is your student union.

Do you study at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences? Consensus is your student union.

Do you study in the area of educational sciences or at the faculty of arts and sciences? StuFF is your student union.