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Get involved

The thriving student life is built of students getting involved. Students volunteer in the student associations and bring fun stuff to do for other students and a nice community. Without students getting involved, there would be no student life. 


What does getting involved mean? 

Everyone is needed in the student life – there are both small and big tasks that vary in time and responsibility. Usually you volunteer work for a couple of times a week. Volunteering means that you won’t get a salary, but instead other perks. Volunteering shows that you care about the community, that you can be responsible and that you’re learning. It’s a good thing to add to your resume. Here are a few examples of how you can get involved:

Board member – being a part of a board of an association means you have a position of trust and work with managing the association. Often each board member has an area of responsibility, for example coordinating activities, finances, chairperson or marketing. The board normally has meetings on a regular basis and you’re expected to work with your tasks in between meetings. Oftentimes board members are tasked with managing committees. 

Committee member – lots of associations have committees that work with a certain task. The committee is run by a chairperson who divides tasks and leads the committee. 

Project team member – many associations run projects and recruit project team members. The scope of the work is usually a bit narrower than for example being a board member. You usually have quite specific tasks and areas of responsibility. 

Volunteering at a pub, café or union house – there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the student run meeting places – both time and responsibility can vary. You can cook, sell coffee, be a bartender or a host. You often get staff perks as thanks. 

Student representative – this means that you’re working with your student union by being the students’ voice at a decision making body at the university. You participate in meetings and give your opinion as a student. 

Resident club representative : Resident club representative are ordinary students who live in their own area, are involved in housing issues and who want to support their neighbors. The residents´ clubs can request for money from KOMBO to arrange e.g. barbecue evenings, workshops or open a gym for the residents of the area.The board members are a link between the students in the area and KOMBO. As a rent negotiation approaches, KOMBO takes in perspectives from the resident club and for the rest of the year, KOMBO supports the residents´ clubs. Read more here!

Marketing – at Kårservice there is now also a marketing group that works with all the union houses’ brands and tonalities. The group also includes the job as a photographer who photographs everything from people at Kårservice to sessions, premises, events and specific photo assignments. The group works as an in-house agency and produces lots of different types of materials. From content to social media, to posters, rollups, business cards, flyers, sheets and banners. A fun and varied job that you can easily get involved in at the same time as studies as working hours are very flexible and always with the security of a nice bunch of colleagues – who are also both students but also employed staff. Other roles within MF KårHouse are copywriter, project manager, graphic producer, social media expert and film producer!

How do you get involved?

Associations recruit in various ways. Look up the assocations you are interested in: check their webpages and social media for information about when they recruit. Boards usually switch in the summer or at new year. You can get elected in several ways: either at an assembly or board meeting, or you’ll have an interview with the person responsible for the position. 

Get involved

It’s fun to get involved – and if you feel you want to get involved in some way, you can fill out a form here, and we will contact you for a richer student life – where your commitment makes a difference!

Is Swedish required to get involved? 

Some associations require you to speak Swedish. Check with the associations you are interested in.