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Reference group to HusETT

Kårservice is owned by the three unions at Linköping University and has the task of putting the student in focus and delivering the best possible student benefit. Kårservice, which among other things runs the five union houses at LiU (Trappan, Örat, Ryds Herrgård, Kårallen and Kollektivet) now notices an increased need for other types of involvement than just the more traditional activities we run such as parties, pubs, restaurants and study places. We see an increased need for association life, an increased need for other types of events and network platforms, depending on where you are in your education. Other types of events and environments that can meet more students' needs for an even better student life. It is very important that we (Kårservice) always have the contact with you - students - and therefore we believe that it is very important that you contribute with your thoughts and inputs in our upcoming projects. We are currently working feverishly with idea generation for the "new-old" house - HusETT, which is located on the Valla campus. An older room that has been there for several years - which will now have a new purpose - and fill a new need - namely to provide student benefits to our students.

We therefore want to include students in the project, and get together a reference group where we can talk together about thoughts and ideas - how we best manage and create more benefit for students and student life - through HusETT. What should be there, what do the students want? We want to test ideas and brainstorm ideas and concepts, and we would like to see a large spread of students (from different educations) in the reference group.
We hope you enjoy thinking about it and are not afraid to share your thoughts and opinions. You do not need to have any experience from involvement in student life before - on the contrary - we would like to bring in everyone's aspects, the accustomed partygoer who "hangs out" at our union houses on the weekends, to the calmer student who perhaps spends most time with his/her dog in the evenings - because we believe that you can all contribute with good thoughts on how we should fill HusETT with life and commitment - for everyone.