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Pandemic restrictions will be lifted on February 9th.

From the 9th of February all covid-19 restrictions will be lifted. 

This means that we will be opening up our Student Union Houses again- just like before Covid-19- but now even better of course! – if anyone remembers that time? A full dancefloor, no masks and no covid passport!

Nightclubs, student dinner parties, house parties, kravaller and restaurants will return to normal and no more restrictions apply to these events.

We are extremely happy to welcome you back to all our different types of events! Therefore enter the studentlivet.se calendar so you don’t miss out on any event.

Unvaccinated people are still advised to take special precautions such as avoiding large crowds indoors.

Working from home to getting back to the workplace should be done gradually. Universities and colleges should also gradually return from distance education.