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Orbi FAQ for students

  • Where should we turn if we have questions regarding technical details about the app?
    Direct questions regarding your association account, payment details, package offers, discounts, etc., should be addressed directly with Orbi. They are an independent company with their own support management. Contact info is available here: Orbi app – for students and associations at LiU
  • Is it possible to take a screenshot of the QR code, meaning what is the security around the ticket?
    A QR code is only valid once, so it cannot be used multiple times.
  • Do you need a school email to create an account, or can you create an account with a personal email?
    You need to have a LiU email.
  • What should I do as a new student who hasn’t been able to receive my school email yet?
    All new students will have access to their LiU ID on August 7th. It is antagning.se that regulates the dates, and LiU has not received the list of students starting on different programs before that. This means that it is not possible to get the LiU ID earlier than that. Students should be able to log in to Lisam/MinIT and access their email address/LiU ID directly from August 7th at the earliest. Here is information on how to activate the LiU ID: https://liu.se/artikel/faq-registrering https://liu.se/artikel/checklistor
  • Can people outside of LiU purchase tickets to an event via Orbi, if they don’t have a LiU email?
    If you share the event link with the person, they will be able to access the event via Orbi.
  • How do alumni go about purchasing tickets?
    Alumni can register under a section in the ecosystem called “alumni” – it is available as an option among other schools during registration. After that, you simply send the link to the event that the alumnus should access (you can copy unique links to each event through the Orbi dashboard).
  • Can students purchase a ticket for a student union member but sell it to a non-member?
    Yes, that is possible.
  • Can students resell a ticket they have purchased from someone else?
    Yes, the ticket you receive in your email can be resold, just like an e-ticket for a concert, for example. The QR code can only be used once at the entrance.
  • How does second-hand ticket sales work? (Do you pay via Swish?)
    Secondary ticket sales work similarly to purchasing concert tickets. Initially, the student has the ticket in the Orbi app. If they have a buyer for their ticket, they can export it from the Orbi app. The ticket is then sent as an e-ticket and is removed from their app. An organizer can set whether secondary ticket sales are allowed or not. The payment method, such as Swish, may vary depending on the specific arrangements made between the buyer and seller.
  • Can you change the answers to the questions on the ticket during secondary ticket sales?
    No, the only thing that can be adjusted is the food preferences when transferring the ticket from the Orbi app, but otherwise, nothing else is adjusted.
  • What is Orbi Membership and how does it work (open/closed/hidden groups)?
    It is a membership that can be configured flexibly with the following parameters:
    • Open: Anyone can join without an application.
    • Closed: Requires an application to join. Those configuring the membership receive applications that they can approve, reject, or request more information from the applicant.
    • Hidden: Requires a direct invitation from the organizer. It is not visible to others, and individuals cannot apply. It is entirely up to the organizer to send invitations to individuals.

      Each membership can also have additional questions added, which can be set as optional or mandatory to answer when joining/applying/inviting. These questions can be free text, multiple-choice questions, or checkboxes (just like the tickets). Then you set one or more periods during which the membership can be purchased, along with any applicable price. For each period, you also set a sales date. You can also choose to have a period that is lifelong.
  • Where can you see if you are part of a membership group? Is it a separate tab or are the tickets listed among all other tickets?
    It can be found under your profile in the Orbi app.
  • Can tickets be sold to users outside of a membership group?
    Yes, it is currently possible. However, it is up to the student unions (kårerna) to determine this, so it may change if there is a need for it in the future.
  • Can tickets be locked to a membership group so that they cannot be resold?
    Yes, the organizer can always configure whether a ticket can be transferred or not.
  • What information will be visible on the ticket?
    In addition to the QR code, the ticket will also display the name, type of membership, and the answer to any questions provided.
  • How secure is the app against hacking?
    Very secure! 😉