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Orbi FAQ for student associations

  • Why is it important that we enter information about our association into Orbi?
    In order for academic life to be an including and inviting place for all students at LiU it is important to be able to easily see everything you can be a part of .
    It is also good marketing for your association and increases your possibility to reach new members on a broad platform.
    The information you put into Orbi is mirrored at studentlivet.se, which is the official web platform for academic life in Linköping.
  • How do I create an account for my association at Orbi?  
    • You send a email to liu@orbiapp.io with:
      • Association name
      • Place in the academic ecosystem (central -> student union -> section / independent association)
      • Email address to send invitation to
  • Is Orbi more expensive than other solutions? 
    • Compared to other digital ticket systems the fee is significantly lower with Orbi (1.5:- + 1.5% per sold ticket). The model builds on offering the ticket system at cost, i e without margins to Orbi. Orbi instead builds its business upon connecting more and more commercial groups and universities in an ecosystem where compaines can orient themselves and be seen – wich actually in turn generates income back to the section.
    • Compared to paper ticket the fee with always be higher, but here you also have to estimate how much more efficient it gets for you as an assocaition, but maybe even more how much time the students save when they dont have to stand in line, and go somewhere physical. There are examples of schools who have put the fee on the student – i d raised the price a few crowns, but still came out with satisfied students who dont have to stand in line.
    • Fees are repaid when you return tickets – so if you e g have to cancel an event, you won’t have any costs from Orbi at all.
  • Will there be a requirement for Orbi as the digital ticket solution at the student union buildings?
    From July 1st, we will introduce requirements for digital tickets for several reasons. This is primarily to facilitate ticket management, provide better control over the finances of the association, eliminate paper tickets that can easily be lost or counterfeited/copied/stamped, expedite the process for guards/personnel at entry points, and establish a direct connection to the student unions’ membership systems. Additionally, there is a strong desire among the broad target audience of students to avoid physical queues.
  • Where should we turn if we have questions regarding technical details about the app?
    Direct questions regarding your association account, payment details, package offers, discounts, etc., should be addressed directly with Orbi. They are an independent company with their own support management. Contact info is available here: Orbi app – for students and associations at LiU
  • How do alumni go about purchasing tickets?
    Alumni can register under a section in the ecosystem called “alumni” – it is available as an option among other schools during registration. After that, you simply send the link to the event that the alumnus should access (you can copy unique links to each event through the Orbi dashboard).
  • When do you receive the money from ticket sales?
    By default, you receive weekly payments with a 7-day delay. The periods run from Monday to Sunday, upon which a payment is initiated. Each payment also generates a PDF that the treasurer can easily download to facilitate straightforward bookkeeping.
  • How do you handle pre-sales?
    Pre-sales can be managed in different ways depending on your needs. However, the easiest is to create pre-sale groups through Orbi Membership. You can create a closed group where individuals have to apply for membership. Once they are admitted and approved in the group, you can then offer all members priority access to the tickets.
  • Can students purchase a ticket for a student union member but sell it to a non-member?
    Yes, that is possible.
  • Can students resell a ticket they have purchased from someone else?
    Yes, the ticket you receive in your email can be resold, just like an e-ticket for a concert, for example. The QR code can only be used once at the entrance.
  • Do we have to use scanners? What are the different options available to us?
    • There are three options available. All solutions provide feedback on the screen and through sound, so make sure to have the speaker on.
      • QR code scanning with a mobile phone:
        • If you are an organizer with access to your student portal through Orbi, you can find the scanning mode directly in the activity within the Orbi app.
        • If you are not part of the committee/association’s Orbi portal, the event organizer needs to create a “scanning link” that will give you access to scan tickets directly via the Orbi app.
      • QR code scanning using a computer: – If you don’t have an external QR scanner, you can still use a computer as an external scanner. In the activity section within the Orbi app while logged in, you will find a scanning mode that utilizes your computer’s webcam.
      • QR code scanning with an external QR reader: By connecting an external QR reader, you can make the process even easier. You can either scan manually or invest in a reader that passively scans QR codes. It’s a plug-and-play solution, simply connect the reader via USB. QR readers are available for purchase at any electronics store, such as here or here.

        Learn more about the different options here.
  • Can notifications be sent through Orbi? How does it work?
    There are two types of notifications you can send.
    • Firstly, there is a general notification that does not belong to a specific event, referred to as a “department post.” This type of notification contains general information from your association, such as a daily newsletter during the orientation period (Nolle-P), which newly admitted students can use as an easily accessible source of information. These notifications can be directed towards specific terms/academic years and are only visible to those following your association.
    • Secondly, you can create “event posts” that are linked to a specific event. This allows you to target the notification more accurately towards the intended audience, while all the sent notifications are collected in a list within the event.
    • Here is an overview of the different types of notifications: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF2s_0ElO_o
  • Can you export the information obtained during ticket sales?
    Yes, within the event, it is possible to download the participant list, both as a CSV file and an Excel file. The export includes all the information about the buyers.
  • How does second-hand ticket sales work? (Do you pay via Swish?)
    Secondary ticket sales work similarly to purchasing concert tickets. Initially, the student has the ticket in the Orbi app. If they have a buyer for their ticket, they can export it from the Orbi app. The ticket is then sent as an e-ticket and is removed from their app. An organizer can set whether secondary ticket sales are allowed or not. The payment method, such as Swish, may vary depending on the specific arrangements made between the buyer and seller.
  • How are discount codes implemented, and how is it ensured that they are not spread?
    This is set up when you create a ticket type. You can add one or more discount codes for each ticket type. You can always remove or add new discount codes as needed. Additionally, you can check the participant list to see who has used discounted tickets.
  • Can you change the answers to the questions on the ticket during secondary ticket sales?
    No, the only thing that can be adjusted is the food preferences when transferring the ticket from the Orbi app, but otherwise, nothing else is adjusted.
  • Can tickets be sold to users outside of a membership group?
    Yes, it is currently possible. However, it is up to the student unions (kårerna) to determine this, so it may change if there is a need for it in the future.
  • Can tickets be locked to a membership group so that they cannot be resold?
    Yes, the organizer can always configure whether a ticket can be transferred or not.
  • What is the transaction fee, and does it apply to free tickets as well? Can it be refunded?
    The transaction fee is 1.5% + 1.5 SEK, and it only applies when purchasing a ticket that has a cost. Free tickets have no fee, and if ordinary tickets are refunded, the fees are also returned to the organizer.
  • What information will be visible on the ticket?
    In addition to the QR code, the ticket will also display the name, type of membership, and the answer to any questions provided.
  • What is Orbi Membership and how does it work (open/closed/hidden groups)?
    It is a membership that can be configured flexibly with the following parameters:
    • Open: Anyone can join without an application.
    • Closed: Requires an application to join. Those configuring the membership receive applications that they can approve, reject, or request more information from the applicant.
    • Hidden: Requires a direct invitation from the organizer. It is not visible to others, and individuals cannot apply. It is entirely up to the organizer to send invitations to individuals.

      Each membership can also have additional questions added, which can be set as optional or mandatory to answer when joining/applying/inviting. These questions can be free text, multiple-choice questions, or checkboxes (just like the tickets). Then you set one or more periods during which the membership can be purchased, along with any applicable price. For each period, you also set a sales date. You can also choose to have a period that is lifelong.
  • How does the ticket release process work?
    You set a time and date for the ticket release, as well as a corresponding end date/time. This is done for each ticket type. When the designated time is reached, the event opens up for sales.
  • Can I sell tickets in closed groups as an event organizer without being an administrator of the closed group?
    If you are not an administrator of a closed group, you will not see the group unless you are either invited to join the group or an administrator of the same group.
  • Can multiple users be administrators on the same account?
    Yes, you can invite as many as you want. They can be assigned as Administrators or Members. The only practical difference is that members cannot invite others to the account.
  • What should I do if I need to purchase 4 tickets where multiple people have membership?
    In the last Kravall event, the release was done in two rounds. The first round was exclusively for members, where they could only purchase one ticket each. The remaining tickets were released afterwards, allowing a maximum of 2 tickets per student.
  • Do you need a school email to create an account, or can you create an account with a personal email?
    You need to have a LiU email.
  • Can people outside of LiU purchase tickets to an event via Orbi, if they don’t have a LiU email?
    If you share the event link with the person, they will be able to access the event via Orbi.
  • Can different sections sell tickets to the same event? For example, if one section wants to sell 50 tickets to an event and another section wants to be responsible for 100 tickets to the same event.
    There are different ways to do it depending on the specific setup. Please contact david@orbiapp.io for specific questions about an event (it can vary).
  • Can you add, for example, a drink and food ticket to a party ticket? Multiple QR codes in one ticket instead of having a separate ticket for each.
    Not currently.
  • Is it possible to take a screenshot of the QR code, meaning what is the security around the ticket?
    A QR code is only valid once, so it cannot be used multiple times.
  • Where can you see if you are part of a membership group? Is it a separate tab or are the tickets listed among all other tickets?
    It can be found under your profile in the Orbi app.
  • Is the account directly linked to a bank account, or how does it work when the organizer needs to receive payments?
    Yes, each administrator for an “Orbi Pay” account registers their association/committee’s bank account during registration.
  • How secure is the app against hacking?
    Very secure! 😉
  • What should be done with new students who haven’t been able to receive their school email yet?
    All new students will have access to their LiU ID on August 7th. It is antagning.se that regulates the dates, and LiU has not received the list of students starting on different programs before that. This means that it is not possible to get the LiU ID earlier than that. Students should be able to log in to Lisam/MinIT and access their email address/LiU ID directly from August 7th at the earliest. Here is information on how to activate the LiU ID: https://liu.se/artikel/faq-registrering https://liu.se/artikel/checklistor
  • Is there any assistance available if something doesn’t work during the ticket release? How accessible is Orbi for answering questions?
    Orbi has systems in place that alert them if something goes wrong, so they can address it within minutes. You can always reach Orbi by phone as well if there’s a critical issue.
  • Many people usually sell a nollepaket (freshman package) for a fixed price, which includes tickets to, for example, 5 different parties. Will they now need to sell these 5 tickets separately, or can these 5 different tickets be included in a single nollepaket?
    It’s best to sell the nollepaket as a membership (with a price). Then, when it comes to accessing a free ticket, the organizer can choose to give members of the “nollepaket” free tickets.
  • If you create a group and invite people to join, are they invited via email or how does it work?
    They are primarily invited through a notification in the Orbi app. If they don’t have a user account, they receive an invitation via email (which must be registered in the app to gain access to the group).
  • How can you include tickets from multiple different events, which you don’t organize yourself, in their respective membership groups? Who receives payment?
    You can always search for different membership groups and invite them to an event (with exclusive ticket pools or prices) as long as they are not hidden. However, the organizer of the event receives the revenue.
  • Is there a possibility to ban people if it is known that they have scammed?
    Yes, contact Orbi and they can investigate and exclude them if it turns out to be something wrong.