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Environmental funding

Environmental funding is intended primarily for student unions at LiU and student activities that contribute to sustainable development by highlighting environmental issues and are eco-friendly. Co-funding by the student union is required, i.e., the funding covers only part of the costs.

The funding must not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.

The applicant union must:

  • have a clear connection to Linköping University
  • organise an activity that has a clear environmental focus and is eco-friendly

Unions may apply for funding towards e.g.:

  • education/training in environmental issues
  • activities/events with an environmental focus
  • additional costs due to environmental focus in connection with the activity/event
  • marketing

Examples of the above:

  • instructor’s/teacher’s/lecturer’s fees
  • marketing of the union and its activities/events
  • additional costs for eco-labelled/Fair Trade-branded products used in the activities/at the event

Co-funding and payout:

  • The activity/event must be co-funded by the student union, i.e. the union bears approximately half of the costs.
  • The union must be able to bear all costs initially, as payment is made afterwards.

Priority is given to:

  • activities where environmental issues are highlighted in a context where LiU students become involved in, inspired or motivated to more sustainable action
  • activities in Linköping-Norrköping
  • activities that would not take place without the funding applied for

Application process:
Applications should, as a rule, be made prior to the event taking place, and funding is allocated twice a year, in March and in October.
Applications must contain information on:

  • who the applicant is
  • what the application concerns
  • who the target group is
  • the venue of the activity
  • the amount applied for
  • the budget for the activity/event, clearly stating the amount co-financed by the student union

A notice of decision is normally sent out a few weeks after the deadline for applications.

Payment will be made after the activity has been carried out. Please submit the invoice, plus an account of the activity, stating that it was carried out in accordance with the application, and receipts verifying this. The funding will thereafter be paid into the bank or postal giro account stated in the application.

Deadline for applications:

The deadline for applications for the spring semester is 1 March, and for the autumn semester 1 October.

Maximum amount:

The maximum amount paid out for each application period is SEK 5,000.

Questions and application
If you have any questions, or wish to submit an application, please contact environmental strategist Anna Gustafsson.

Tel no: 013-281086